Walk n’ Talk

Walk n’ Talk • Engelsk Undervisning (English Teaching)

In 2015 Al Campos started a small side project called, Walk n’ Talk.

Now, again for the spring/summer 2018 season, Al has once again launched Walk n’ Talk • Engelsk Undervisning (English Teaching).

The Concept:
Learning English is often best learned by visiting English speaking countries, or by “using the language.” But how does one use the English language in a country speaking Danish, German, Japanese, or any other non-English language?

That is where American English teacher, Albert Campos comes in handy. He will meet you right where you are with your English language skills. You and he will go for one hour walks, just chatting, enjoying the lakes, the people jogging by, and no matter what the weather, you’ll be communicating and learning while being active outdoors.

Al will find out what your needs and desires are. Together with Al, you will discuss your intentions, goals, challenges, and areas where you would like to improve your English. From this direct dialogue, Al Campos will develop a plan, various lessons, and activities for your personal growth and development.

Great for business executives or students preparing for exams or presentations.

Mission Statement:
Making English learning easy, fun, relaxing, stress free and personal, while taking a walk around the Copenhagen lakes.

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