Al Campos & SoulHarmonic

Al Campos & SoulHarmonicLos Angeles native, singer & trombonist formed his band, Al Campos & SoulHarmonic in 2003. The band started out playing cover songs, by Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Bobby Caldwell, Marvin Gaye, Bill Withers and many other classic soul artists. Al & the band were playing 4 nights a week at a local Copenhagen soul club.

In 2006 they began writing original songs, preparing for their debut CD. At this time there were very few soul/funk bands and the concept was still a bit new for the Danish music market.

The songs & the sound was a bit old school. Real musicians playing real music on real instruments, laying tracks as a full rhythm section. Adding vocals, horns & percussion after the ground tracks were finished.

When the tracks were finished, Al & the band were sitting in their studio in Vesterbro, Copenhagen listening to the 11 songs they recorded. That’s when the idea hit Al Campos to take these tracks and have them mixed in America. The songs could not be mixed anywhere in Europe! They had to capture the soul & the vibe during the mixing process.

There was only one man who Al thought would be the very best producer for this job. The man who discovered & wrote many hit songs for soul singer & living legend, Al Green. This man, producer and owner of Royal Recording Studios in Memphis, was Mr. Willie “Pops” Mitchell. Willie & his son, Boo Mitchell would mix the entire album, creating the sound and spirit of great soul music coming out of Memphis.

That was one of the most important and amazing experiences of Al’s music life. Being in Memphis, Tennessee, exploring the city, the rich musical history, knowing that Al Campos & SoulHarmonic’s music was being mixed by two great Memphis producers.

Today in 2017, 14 years after the band was first formed, they still have the same members and that sound they have together has reached an international audience.

Martin Finding (guitars), Thomas Risell (bass), Michael Finding (drums), Daniel Fridell (keyboards) & Al Campos (vocals & trombone)

Al Campos & SoulHarmonic released their first CD, “Old School Lovin’ in the summer of 2007. Released by positiveSOUL Productions, the CD is available on iTunesCDbabyAmazon and all other major internet music portals.

In the summer of 2009 the CD was re-released in Japan by Grey Dog’s Records.

On July 4, 2013 Al Campos & SoulHarmonic released a 5 song EP entitled, “Can’t Wait ’til Tomorrow.”

Released by positiveSOUL Productions, the CD is available on iTunesCDbabyAmazon and all other major internet music portals.

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