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Al Campos is a singer, trombone player, choir director and gospel instructor, who travels around the world, working and focusing on the “old school” way of singing and playing gospel music. Al Campos is the founder and leader of  positiveSOULGospel Academy,  which is a global gospel outreach music ministry with a home base in Europe (Copenhagen) & USA (Los Angeles).

He sets his entire focus on the message of the songs, the lyrics, the meaning of the words and helps singers and musicians find a way to relate directly to the message and express the songs in a personal, deeply spiritual and musical way.

While so many choirs and vocalists today focus on singing technique, licks, phrases, breathing, mic techniques, choreography, appearance, beats, hip new gospel chords, phat bass lines, killer horn riffs, and so on… all of which are absolutely important, working together with Al Campos, you will be brought straight back to the ROOTS of what Gospel Music is ALL about.               The Message & The Purpose of why we sing this music. To save and win souls over to Jesus Christ. This is done through the understanding and personal expression & testimony of the words, the lyrics, the message of each song and the word of God, hence the Gospel.

As people have been telling Al Campos in Europe, “You are from the Glory Days,” and “The way you sing and teach gospel music is authentic.”

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Al Campos was literally born into a gospel singing family. His mother, Adela Campos was a well known singer in the very late 1950’s and 1960’s with a group called, “The Messengers.” They recorded three albums and toured around USA & Mexico and were known for their amazing vocal harmonies, musical arrangements and anointed sound. Gospel music was always in the home and of course part of the normal Sunday services at the church.

Al_AndraeAl’s greatest teacher & mentor of gospel music was and still is his uncle & aunt, the legendary father of contemporary gospel music, Pastor Andraé Crouch as well as his twin sister, Sandra. They have always shared & taught Al about God, prayer, music, singing, directing and writing gospel music.

Al Campos himself says, “Whatever I  have learned about this music and how to play, sing and perform gospel I have learned from a life long experience of listening, watching, asking and even performing together with the Pastors Andraé & Sandra Crouch.” One of the most encouraging comments to Al was by Pastor, Andraé Crouch who said, “You are called of God, a fabulous writer and you and your music will bring many to Christ.”

crouch_recommendationLetter of Recommendation by Pastor Andraé Crouch: