Al Campos

alcampos_summer2014Fly like the wind:
This particular page focuses on Al Campos, a positiveSOUL Productions solo artist.

Al Campos is a singer, trombonist, music instructor and gospel choir director. These days, it is the time for musicians & artists to fly like the wind, be completely independent and to put themselves out there in the world for the sake of the music.

Standing of FAITH: With trombone in hand & a microphone for singing, Al is going all in! He has taken the decision to travel around the world as a soloist and or a guest artist so that he may get the opportunity to work with other great musicians, singers & performing artists.

Al Campos has been and will continue to take the roots of his musical culture, which is funk, jazz, soul, gospel, and blues and take those styles of musical expression outside of the US and bring them across any border that will have him come as a guest performer.

So without a doubt, Al Campos is willing, able & ready to work & play anywhere on the planet.