Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2017

July 13, 2017
A small video clip of our concert during the jazz festival.

Teaching Music & English


July 1, 2017
In August 2016, Al went for an interview at Al Quds Skole, a private school for Muslim students & teachers here in Denmark. They were looking for a music teacher. Al was hired on the spot and was asked if he could start the next day. Before answering, Al asked to see the music room. The ‘Before’ photo on the left shows exactly what he saw when the school leaders unlocked the door.

Thankfully Al Quds Skole leadership recognized the value of not only music education but also the importance of a beautiful, warm and inspiring environment for students to want to learn music. They agreed to allow Al Campos to renovate the music room and buy brand new instruments. And so, it was done and Al started the next day. The ‘After’ photo below says it all.

Now, as we enter the new school year 2017-18 we are very happy to announce that Al Campos has received a new contract. He was hired as a full-time and permanent teacher. He will be teaching music to pupils from grades 1-6 and English for grades 4-9.


Teaching Music in Denmark

February 6, 2016
This past June, Al Campos received his teaching credentials from Zahles Lærerseminarium. Al is very excited and proud to announce his new full time teaching position at Institut Sankt Joseph. He will be teaching music, english and art to pupils from grades 1 – 4.

Keeping the Funk Alive

July 8, 2014
Legendary funk bass player & vocalist, BOOTSY COLLINS, The P-Funk Master of the Universe brings Al Campos up on stage for a Jam. The connection between the two musicians occurs at 06:51.