Can’t Wait ’til Tomorrow

Al Campos & SoulHarmonic

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Released on July 4, 2013 • Al Campos & SoulHarmonic, a 5 song EP entitled, “Can’t Wait ’til Tomorrow.”

Once again, Al Campos & his band have released a very soulful, funky and energetic collection of 5 brand new original compositions, giving their fans and music lovers in general the very best soul & funk music to come out of this region of the world, precisely, Copenhagen Danmark!

The band leader, singer, songwriter & trombone player & Executive Producer, Al Campos brings his American musical culture and roots which can clearly be heard & felt in all of the 5 tracks.

What makes it unusual and unique is when you bring into the mix, the Scandinavian perspective and expression, making this music very funky with a new & different sound.
This Scandinavian spirit is played by the great musicians, Martin Finding (guitar), Thomas Risell (bass) also known as Marlowe DK (the world famous online bass teacher), Daniel Fridell (keyboards & producer) & Michael Finding (drums & percussion).

This EP was recorded in Copenhagen Danmark
Husum Snake Pit Studios
Vocals & Trombone recorded at, The HitShip “Valhal”

All 5 songs were Mastered in Los Angeles by former Tower of Power guitar player, Mr. Carmen Grillo.

Al Campos & SoulHarmonic, “Can’t Wait ’til Tomorrow.” positiveSOUL Productions ©2013

Old School Lovin’


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Al Campos’s 2007 debut album “Old School Lovin'” was written & recorded in Copenhagen Denmark. All songs were written by Al Campos. 5 of the 11 songs he wrote together with his band in Denmark.

The players: Al Campos (vocals, trombone, exec. producer), Daniel Fridell (keys,producer), Martin Finding (guitar), Thomas Risell (bass), Michael Finding (drums).

The CD was mixed in Memphis, Tennessee.

Turn to Memphis, Tennessee. It is here at Willie Mitchell’s Royal Recording Studios where Al Campos would find his authentic sound and mixes. Willie Mitchell and his son Boo Mitchell would honor Al Campos by mixing all 11 songs on the album.

The late Mr. Willie (Pops) Mitchell is best known as the producer and songwriter for the great American legend in soul music, Al Green.

Quote: “Al, you may not know what you got, but I do. What you have here is a SMASH HIT record. The torch has been passed to you. I love your music. You’ve got something for everyone.” These are the words of Mr. Willie Mitchell, legendary producer and songwriter at Royal Recording Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.



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Recorded between 1997-2000 • Digitally remastered in September 2011 • This CD was never released, until NOW! positiveSOUL productions proudly present 7 tracks, never before heard entitled, “SoulHarmonic”