TooGoodToGo is a company that is dealing with food waste across the globe. Hundreds of thousands of tons of food get wasted, thrown away by supermarkets, restaurants, bakeries, hotels and countless other food related businesses. It’s a huge issue and it needs to be fixed so people can purchase and consume this very edible food at very low prices, otherwise it just gets thrown away.

I am honoured and privileged to have written the company theme song as well as teaching the song, “TooGoodToGo” to the 250 employees from all over the world gathered at this company event, April 5, 2019.

High T Big Band

Just a quick heads up, letting you know about The High T Jazz Big Band. It’s been approximately six months now since Al has joined the trombone section in a jazz big band based out of a town called, Høje Taastrup, hence “High T.”

Jazz music and especially playing in a big band has been a part of Al’s musical history since playing in the Eagle Rock High School Big Band in 1976, under the direction of Mr. John Rinaldo.

High T Big Band has about 18-20 musicians and from time to time features special guest vocalists. It’s fun for Al to put all his focus back on the trombone and reading a lot of charts. Also humorous that the band, most of them anyway, have no idea that he’s also a singer.

Welcome to Al

Trombonist, vocalist, pianist, composer, producer and educator, Los Angeles native Al Campos is a performing artist who has been traveling around the world since the young age of 14 years old.

His music genres are gospel, soul, funk, jazz, and latin rhythms.

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Educate • Encourage • Explore
Al has been working with young students and grown adults, inspiring, educating and encouraging them through technology and performing arts. It has become a global project which to this day, Al is very passionate about and very active. He’s  been working with students from his hometown, Los Angeles, CA, and reaching over the pond, working with students from Europe and Africa!

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