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IMG_0619Los Angeles native, Al Campos is a performing artist who has been traveling around the world since the young age of 14 years old. Al is a singer, plays trombone, piano, composes & produces his own music.

His music genres are gospel, soul, funk, jazz, and latin rhythms.

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Educate through Encouragement & Exposure
For the past 12 years, since 2000 Al has been working with young students and grown adults, inspiring, educating and encouraging them through technology and performing arts. It has become a global project which to this day, Al is very passionate about and very active. He’s  been working with students from his hometown, Los Angeles, CA, and reaching over the pond, working with students from Europe and Africa!

Al is bringing cultures together Worldwide through his project called, “Performing Arts / Cultural Fusion.” You’ll find more information about his global cultural educational programs under the category, inSpire.

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