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We are totally ready to perform live, funky soul music for your next party, company Christmas party, Julefrokost, or nightclub.

Awesome Constellation

Al Campos would like to present his brand new band, Awesome Constellation. The band members are from Italy, Paris, Copenhagen and Cali.

The band has been taking shape over the summer. It’s been a fun process contacting guys while Al has been lying on the beaches of Hawaii. Texting guys, sending tunes, messaging, planning, getting the best players who had the desire and passion to work! Work on music, rehearsing, preparing and understanding the vision and goal of what Al has been trying to accomplish for years.

Although the goal is large, the vision to the stars, led by faith, and a dream for international stages, Al Campos & Awesome Constellation will start realistic, local, and focused. Having faith, passion, talent and spiritual direction, it will be lots of fun to see where this new project leads.

First rehearsal tomorrow, August 18th.

First gig is a private engagement, September 20, 2019.

Bookings for all types of live performances are welcome:

Thoughts for today

  1. posted May 7, 2019: “Amadeus is in my opinion the very best film ever made. It was the movie that introduced Classical music to me in such a beautiful visual way.”
  2. posted May 6, 2019: “If you can imagine it, think it, dream it, envision it, then you can DO it! “
  3. posted May 2, 2019: “Everything I know and love about music, I learned from my mother Adela and my mentor, teacher, pastor and friend/uncle Andraé Crouch. “
  4. posted May 1, 2019: “Acknowledge your weakness. Look directly at where you can improve and then do what must be done. Usually that means to do more, work more, practice more. “
  5. posted April 30, 2019: “I choose to let go of fear and insecurity in order to fulfil my purpose and potential.”